4 January 2001

In late December International Systems Consultancy (I.S.C.), the makers of ParsNegar, took legal action against the operators of the web site for distributing copyrighted material, which subsequently resulted in the web site being shut down.

The web site was distributing a Persian font copyrighted by I.S.C. The operators of the web site were given sufficient warning to cooperate and remove the font from their web site. Their failure to comply with the request resulted in an immediate shut down of the web site until further notice.

I.S.C. provide a similar font for free download from, in order to provide free advertising for their products. However, the operators of the web site, had decide to rename the font and distribute it from their own web site.

I.S.C thanks VERIO Inc, HiSpeed Technologies and the the law enforcement agencies of U.S.A. and Australia for their swift action against this breach of international copyright laws.


NOTE: Notice served to the operators of the
A copy of the letter addressed to the web site's ISP. (
Adobe Acrobat Reader required to view the document)

NOTE: ParsNegar
ParsNegar is one of the most popular word processing packages for Persian.

NOTE: International Systems Consultancy (I.S.C.)
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