ISC - Remote Control Support

Occasionally the best way to address problems is for us to have a look at your PC and try to resolve problems. If that is the case, we may offer you our Remote Control Support service. All you need to do is to send an e-mail to with your support request, which includes short description of the problem and the time when you will be on-line. At that time, you need to dial our IP address via  using Microsoft NetMeeting, and we will take control over your computer and work on the problem.

To use our remote control service you must have "Microsoft NetMeeting" version 3.0 or later installed. This installed when your install Internet Explorer 5 or later. If you can't find an icon to run it go to Windows Run menu and run CONF.

You can download "NetMeeting" from Microsoft at

When you install NetMeeting click Enable Sharing from the Tools menu.

Send e-mail to and wait for reply to your request. Than at the agreed time place a call.

How to place a call:

1. Start NetMeeting

2. In the Address bar, type this IP address: <will be provided on the email>

3. Click the Place Call button.


4. When connected, choose Sharing from the Tools menu. In the Sharing dialog box, click Desktop. Click Share.

5. Click Allow Control on the Sharing dialog box.

6. When you allow control, we have full access to your computer system, and will show you how to solve your problem. Your privacy is assured and you will see what we are doing.

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