ParsNegar II Version 2.50 Read Me File

Please report problems to But visit the support section of our web site at first.
You may find the answer to your problems there.

This version will expire in 30-days. It will simply stop working. Changing your PC's time can also make the software expire.

The fonts as well as any other components of the software are copyrighted and you are not allowed to distribute any of them.

If you create web pages using this software, you cannot provide the web font for download from your web site. You must provide
a link to download the font from our web site (

To install and run the software under Windows NT, 2000 & XP, you need to be logged in as a user with the administrator rights
and have Service Pack 3 or higher installed under Windows NT.

The software has been tested under all western versions of Windows 95/98/Me and the English version of Windows NT 4.0 and Windows
2000 and XP.

Non-supported platforms

Windows 95/98/Me/NT versions:

Windows 2000 and XP versions:

Known Limitations in ParsNegar II:

New Features in ParsNegar II version 2.50 since Version 2.10:


New Features in ParsNegar II version 2.10 since Version 2.00:

New Features in ParsNegar II since Version 1.26:

Problems fixed in ParsNegar II version 2.10:

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