FontPack is an add-on product for ParsNegar II. After installing the FontPack, you will have access to 24 fonts (i.e.. 24 for each of Persian, Arabic and Urdu languages - no Kurdish and Assyrian fonts included) in ParsNegar II.

If you use ParsNegar, then you will really love FontPack. The fonts included in the font pack will give your documents the professional look you have been waiting for.

You can use them straight away with your existing ParsNegar II documents.

FontPack is included on the CD-ROM version of ParsNegar.

The fonts in this pack are optimised for the best print out quality. As always with Arabic script fonts, these fonts will be somewhat distorted at small sizes. The quality of the fonts are the same as those included in the evaluation version of ParsNegar.

All fonts are available for Persian, Arabic and Urdu.

AbadanAbadan AlborzAlborz
AnzaliAnzali AstaraAstara
EsfahanEsfahan GorganGorgan
KhorasanKhorasan NoorNoor
Noor OutlineNoor Outline PasargardPasargard
PerspolisPerspolis RamsarRamsar
SabalanSabalan ShirazShiraz
ShishavanShishvan Shishvan OutlineShishvan Outline
ShooshShoosh SistanSistan
TabrizTabriz TehranTehran
UrmiyeUrmiye ZabolZabol


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